Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update to Firefox 5 in Ubuntu 11.04 and openSUSE 11.4

Only recently emerged Firefox 5 ,In fact, many websites we anticipate his coming-publish official download. Today we will see how to upgrade to the latest version of the browser in openSUSE and Ubuntu. And it Firefox is like for many reasons.
There are more reasons, some technical (such as WebKit that it is not the only thing to hold on), but have not come to tell you about that, but how to upgrade to Firefox 5 in Ubuntu 11.04 and openSUSE 11.4.

Why Ubuntu and openSUSE, with the distros out there? Because I was very pleasantly surprised both, since no need to do nothing special. In Ubuntu just update ,No need for PPAs or the like that I read somewhere: at Canonical have an unprecedented gesture and the whole family already enjoys Firefox 5 in the official repositories.

In openSUSE must be enabled repositories of Firefox, Or you should know how (Advance that you are 4 clicks). Once activated the repository does not offer automatic updates to look for Firefox package with YaST and in the tab of versions, choose the appropriate (And make the relevant changes are indicated in the installation, also with a few clicks).

Nice gesture from these two distributions with a banner such as Firefox, Canonical noteworthy for the unusual, The openSUSE great for other reasons (You know which Firefox version of openSUSE with KDE comes with prize). Sure there are more distributions that have done something similar (without going further, Arch Linux, although his case is different), but ...
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