Monday, June 27, 2011

[Solution] Restore Unity Bar in Ubuntu 11.04

It turns out that when installing UBUNTU 11.04 and then change the settings of Compiz to display the desktop cube that I like so much, asked me to disable some presets environment Unity

.... To give you accept everything I thought I would see again the cube as in previous versions of Ubuntu, but is this new version still has some com compiz inconsistencies.

That is why if you've had this problem, you toolbars disappear and the window or you will be blocked, the most practical and simple solution is this:

Enable Terminal full screen mode, press: Ctrl+Alt+F2

write your login
Password ...... then:
unity --reset
Now press Ctrl+Alt+F7

And presto ... your bars and your windows recover its functionality .... thank comments, corrections and all they want to express about this problem ...
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