Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gimp + VCS, a new range of possibilities

Gimp is one of the programs I use most. I use it for everything I need, and I still can not use or 30% of its potential. But however good the program, always be improved ,And that is what comes to the added VCS (Version Control System) our favorite image editor. Come and see.

If I am editing images, it is very common after applying any effects or retouch, change his mind and wants to rectify. Doing so is easy thanks to program history. Step by step, layer by layer, filter to filter, I can go back in time to return to a previous point and continue from there.

However this system has a weakness, and the impossibility of creating parallel versions of the same image if you undo previous steps.

Imagine a photograph applied to a distortion, correct the white and then apply a certain effect. If I do it in that order (distortion, white effect) to the pass of "distortion" and continue from there, I have to retrace the steps "white" and "effect". The problem is that many times on account of this, we would get rid steps not why, with what we have to repeat the work, greatly limiting the possibilities and making them spend too much time.

VCS tool solves this problem.

It is a system history that will handle each step in parallel (Nonlinear), like we go back, modify step and continue on that branch, create a new, combined, etc. change.

It is a good added Gimp that gives a lot of versatility to our work, making also save time.

Gimp is one of the most active open source projects in the community ,And it shows. Although it has and has had continuity glitches due to the workload and lack of volunteers this way.

I think Gimp is on the right path, and updates along with extra officers to develop the community (as mentioned VCS) will give us an alternative to Photoshop for a while.
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