Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why Firefox is slower in Linux than in Windows?

Firefox works worse in Linux than in Windows as far as performance is concerned, and who does the testing is going to notice. There are always dissenting voices, of course, but there is no discussion possible: Mozilla has admitted it and are prepared to work on it.

The handicap performance on Linux versions of Firefox has been debated for a long time, justified by the faithful to the browser because of the importance of care for the Windows user base, For the development of free software. But if something like that bypasses with Opera or Google Chrome ,Why yes with Firefox?

In Word of Mike Hommey ,Developer of Mozilla:

Finally we managed to get our Linux versions (and obviously ,Linux64) are built using GCC 4.5 ,With aggressive optimization (-O3) and profile-guided optimization enabled.

This means that we are now using a set of modern tools, opening up opportunities for things such as statistical analysis. This also means that now Firefox we are producing a much faster, closer to Windows on the same hardware, According to various performance tests.
As indicated in InternetNews, There is still enough time for Linux users to enjoy these advances, they would not enter the main line of work Mozilla until the release of Firefox 6 ,But with the change in Version release policy has accelerated this process.

Here there is everything, and part of the work corresponds to the different packagers GNU/Linux and optimizations carried out in their collections, with emphasis, -in the good sense- the work of Canonical with Firefox of Ubuntu.
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