Thursday, May 12, 2011

Quickly resize or rotate images from Nautilus

One of the first things I do to do a fresh install of Ubuntu is to install a series of plugins for Nautilus ,One of them is Nautilus Image Converter, With whom I can resize or rotate one or several images quickly.

To install just type
sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter
Then, restart Nautilus
killall nautilus
We have up and running the plugin. To use it you just have to select the/the image/is to modified, Clicking the right mouse button and select in the contextual menu Resize Images or Rotate Images.

If we choose Resize, A window like the one you see, where we select the Image Size ,And if we want the new image replaces the original or which adds the suffix . Resized maintaining the original and getting a second.

In case you want Rotate, We have 2 options Image Rotation, One with standard angles such as 90, 180, etc, and another to choose the angle. Also as Resize have the option of replacing the original image or which adds a suffix (. rotated in this case).

And, why would you use GIMP or other applications if we can do with a few clicks?

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