Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to tell if an extension is causing your Firefox slower

One of the things he did to stop using Firefox and Google Chrome marry is that it seemed very slow. Perhaps it is not much at all, but if you have a computer that is already fairly obsolete and also have a Internet connection, I fully understand when I say you need a browser that actually works well.

Well, this is more of a news/tips/tutorial, it appears that the Firefox people are eager to gain ground in the world of browsers. They have released a statement saying each extension that you put into your browser you do, on average 10% slower than normal. This applies to overall performance. To me and I thought that when you install many extensions in other versions of Firefox, this was put to turtle speed.

To find out if any of the extensions you are using Firefox do that you slow down, there really is no automatic method. You'll have to go to the area of your Firefox add-ons that get in the Tools menu.

Then, when viewing the list of aggregates, look-ins. Here comes the "ant's work" as they say here, because they have to be aware of the listings that Mozilla is offering this link ,Where analysis of performance of the 100 extensions used by Firefox users and show you what are the most damaging.

If you look at the picture above, are listed the 7 worst, and I bet more than you see there are installed in your browser. I know that FlashGot and FoxyTunes being (or at least were) in my repertoire.
The winner is to FoxLingo result, that almost makes me want to mourn what is harmful. Other than those mentioned are those of StumbleUpon, Yoono, DownThemAll, Feedly and even the well-known Greasemonkey. These results will change every month and they have updates accessories. Besides this, in the next two weeks, he added a note to each extension that makes the browser at least 25% slower so that when you go to download alert.

So I recommend that if they're trying Firefox 4, which is much better than previous versions, to get clean because despite its new capabilities is not immune to that extensions do have a poor performance.
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