Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to save battery in Android

Although I'm pretty happy with my Android phone for my old you are, I think he still has something important to be optimized and it is the battery life, which is usually very brief. My HTC Magic, Which is the first Android phones that brought this brand has a life span ranging from 4 to 12 hours, depending on what you are doing and what ROM you are using at the time, but most of the time duration is rather low. I have seen this happen to many users of Android that must carry the wall charger and car with them everywhere.

To resolve this problem you can use some software. For example, Lifehacker talk JuiceDefender, Which automatically turns off all that is needed for energy expenditure is always lower. In the Market There are applications such as Battery Doctor they also offer similar support to the former. However, I think we can do this manually and be much better. So after research and test some things, these are the tips to save battery on Android.
  1. The first thing you should do is to realize which applications are killing your battery. To do this just press your menu button, go to Settings, and then press down "About phone". There you will see "Battery Use", which will give you a detailed list of things that are making your phone dies quickly. With this you can attack the major problems.
  2. Something you spend a lot of energy is to have the brightness of the screen very strong. As simple as the light that shows your phone. To lower go to Settings/Display/Brightness and put a little less. It will save you a lot darker but with a slight change battery. And if at night you see nothing, rises a little and go.
  3. Turn off the GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi. Each of these are bad for energy expenditure. I always turned off and I have is when the battery life lasts me. Retailer know this, that is, if you use applications that locate you with GPS, remove this option, and with regard to WiFi, off to stop using it.
  4. Another good way to save battery is disable notifications. Of this I am not a fan because I like to find out immediately if I get an email, for example, but certainly the simple fact that not checking the server each time makes the phone is in a period of rest until you do it manually. So to save the most, disables the client updates of Twitter, the Facebook, email, everything.
  5. Delete applications you do not use and kill processes still running after finishing with them is a good method. So go and uninstall any applications you no longer use to free up space and not run ever. You can also use a process manager to create no longer in use. Some Launchers have this integrated. You may want to install Go Launcher EX that brings one built.
Doing all these things or at least a couple of them will improve your battery life. Test a few days to notice the change.
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