Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New features are confirmed for Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu 11.10, known by the codename Oneric Ocelot, offer some fuciones redesign will eliminate some programs, and will focus on optimizing the performance of the desktop.

Among the novelties is the Gnome Display Manager Replacement (GDM) and access the desktop manager, which will be replaced by LightDM.

This measure was taken because LightDM has the advantage of being lighter than GDM ,As well as on screens allow access to the desktop have a choice of topics in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

On the other hand Classic GNOME desktop does not include more default in the Ubuntu CD and deleted programs such as video editor PitiVi, and Assistant Janitor Cleaning Computer.

As the mail manager Ubuntu 11.10, The idea is that Evolution Mail application remains included in the installation, but Thunderbird ,The Mozilla mail client, could take its place if he can improve some aspects of its functionality.

Also, to have more space on the installation CD it is speculated the possibility of eliminating LibreOffice, although there experts prefer to include two CDs or one DVD thus be able to put more content.

Other changes affect the interface Unity inclusion in Ubuntu 11.10, which will be redesigned and the Ubuntu Software Center who is looking to add functionality to improve the boot time and increase the size of the icons.

The release schedule with Ubuntu 11.10, Oneric Ocelot, provides output 3 versions Alpha 2 to 30 June ,and 4 August, while the Beta 1 and will arrive on 22 September before launch which will end on 13 October.
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