Monday, May 23, 2011

Chrome 13 and Firefox 5: goodbye to the URL bar?

The developers of Google Chrome are working on ways to maximize usable space to display web pages. First redesigned the position and shape of the tabs show ,Also worked in a dropdown menu from a single access, but now want to save more vertical space.

And they will with a unique idea: hide the navigation bar where we write the URLs where we run our browser. This bar has been a constant in all browsers that have been released, but Google could revolutionize this segment again with a version of Chrome to hide the navigation bar.

The previous and next buttons change their position, being located to the left of the tabs, and the user could return to see the navigation bar if you click on a tab. That bar "floating" will remain active while the cursor is to enter a URL, but if we go to another part of the page the bar will hide a few seconds.

Choice and compilation is available in Chrome Canary 13 for WindowsA very preliminary version of a browser that could offer this feature as standard in the coming weeks, and still not available in the builds of Mac OS X or Linux. In fact, in the collection of Windows is not activated by default and must be activated in the internal menu that appears when you type Chrome about:flags in the navigation bar.

The choice is interesting, but as noted by some analysts also dangerous because information disappears even more interesting was the navigation bar ,Such as site security, the reload button and detention of the cargo, the option to mark as a favorite web site instantly or what kind of URL we were visiting at all times.

The Firefox developers also seem to have embraced the idea immediately, because there is already a Mozilla Labs add-on that lets you apply the same function to the Firefox browser.

The supplement, called LessChrome HD ,Can be installed in Firefox 4, and will all the toolbars that are below the tabs are hidden. These bars again when we move the pointer over the tabs or click on another tab.

The idea behind the extension LessChrome HD comes in part from an experiment and veteran Mozilla Labs named Home Dash ,That proposes a minimalist navigation with an interface where all the tools of the browser interface are hidden and appear only at certain times and in the form of a unique HUD display.
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