Saturday, May 21, 2011

200 million downloads for Angry Birds

The 'Angry Birds' are breaking all records exceeding 200 million downloads between free and paid versions as announced developer responsible for Rovio.

Angry Birds is-by far- most downloaded game in the history of mobile carriers. A set of argument as 'simple' how to get away with wicked pigs based on birds using a slingshot to launch, but its gameplay and addictiveness what is becoming a social phenomenon.

Rio only got Angry Birds ten million downloads in the first ten days supported by multiplatform support downloads mainly adding in Android, IOS or Symbian.

Its success is unlikely to stop as Rovio prepared a special version for accessing Facebook's 600 million of social network users, to the Windows platform Phone 7, the online gaming networks home console of Xbox Live or PS Network and WiiWare.
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