Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 reasons to choose Gimp before Photoshop

Photoshop is the image editing software more popular, to the extent that it has spawned a new verb from that program: Photoshop, which means to modify or enhance an image digitally. But among the users of free software, there is a more popular term "gimp" and is in full swing.

Gimp is a free and superior alternative to Photoshop at various points. Therefore I'll give ten good reasons for choosing Gimp before Photoshop.

1.Minimum Requirements
Gimp can be used in most computers, since does not require very high technical specifications for operation. The minimum RAM required to run Gimp is 128Mb. To run Photoshop CS 5 requires at least 1000Mb.

Gimp is completely customizable. You can change the look of the tools, icons, button positions, etc.. Photoshop is not as flexible in this regard.

Starting Photoshop is more powerful than Gimp, but usually includes tools that ordinary users will not use ever. Gimp does not include all standard tools, but expanding its features can get a tool as powerful as Photoshop. Thus Gimp gets to be more user-friendly yet simple to use.

Gimp offers regular upgrades and updates. The software is updated frequently and online, without having to purchase or buy the next version of software as with Photoshop.

Gimp offers a huge range of extensions. Filters, brushes, effects,. Being free software, allows anyone can add and improve extension and filters, which offers a wider range and better quality than Photoshop.

Gimp needs just 30Mb of disk space to install. With Photoshop you will need gigabytes to do emulate. Addition Gimp is faster Photoshop, even on older computers.

The community of Gimp is free and open, which makes Gimp has plenty of tutorials, help, extensions and improvements continuing to improve the user experience and adds a lot to the program itself. Photoshop has also user communities, but as proprietary software, the possibilities are reduced to share experiences of use. Gimp has no limitation.

Gimp is available for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux. Photoshop only for Microsoft and Apple systems. That is, the use of Photoshop necessarily imply the use of a proprietary system and payment, with all that that implies in terms of freedom, security and money.

Gimp can be downloaded for free from the network and by legal (Although you can donate something to your programmers if appropriate). Photoshop is an application fee and also very expensive. Most people can not pay that money for editing photos, making copies resort to "pirates." (Something absurd to have the option of Gimp in a cost-free)

Gimp is free software. This means you can use it for whatever you want, modify it to your liking, add or remove features, copy to a disk and give it to whoever you want, put it on your site, pass it to your classmates etc. That is, Gimp offers free to use it as you want, no company will impose no, you decide what to do. Photoshop is proprietary software. That means you can not copy or distribute without permission, or lend, or modify to your liking, or adapt to your needs. Have to use the Photoshop software to you, and if you like, because you hold.
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