Friday, April 22, 2011

Windows Live Messenger has come to Android, Also to Linux?

Has finally announced what many users of mobile operating system by Google expected to win: Windows Live Messenger has come to Android. Could we also use Linux?

The news was first leaked on the French website Clubic on 11 April, a few hours before his run. Since then it is possible will find yourself Windows Live Messenger in the Android Market. or Messenger by Miyowa ,Because this is how it actually called both the application and the company that created it.

Why not talk about a client developed by Microsoft, which was not even for Windows Phone, but the official option authorized by the Redmond for Android and Windows Phone.

The question now is, Would it be possible to also use Linux? Supposedly, and should be. Though designed for mobile devices, it should be a good match with that network, one of the complaints that often have native Linux clients whose "solution" might be it. Because clones already, and will not be missing MSN client for Android.
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