Friday, April 1, 2011

What can we expect from Firefox 5?

Mozilla developers several weeks ago announced its intention dramatically accelerate the launch process of the following versions of Firefox. If a few days ago we attended the Firefox 4.0 launch in the final release, we should be very careful, as this 2011 is expected to can also enjoy Firefox 5, Firefox 6 and Firefox 7.

In fact data have begun to appear on Firefox 5 ,The next edition of this browser is theoretically launch scheduled for next June. In Softpedia seem to have a good summary of the features we expect in this edition, divided into areas:


Simple Sharing
Animations in the user interface
Resolution of 50 priority tasks and issues common workflows
Asynchronous Places
Account Management
Elimination of Smart Search functionality of bookmark manager
Electrolysis (A process per tab)
Support for installation and removal of web applications
A process tab to mitigate the effects of possible crashes
Web platform
Hardware acceleration for <canvas>
Transformed Support CSS 3D
Instantaneous change and transparent full-screen video
Video input support
Low Power Mode
Gecko development platform

Get performance metrics to users
Support for 64-bit builds on Windows
Documentation for the design of a desktop web applications
Integration with the new Mac OS X interface
Integration with the new Android 3.0 interface
JIT ensure performance in the new ARM platforms
Personally I think one of the most interesting is Electrolysis, The technology that will allow each tab is a separate process, as in Chrome, but also noteworthy is the integration with the new interface in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion as Android 3.0, Whose code we are still waiting to see.
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