Sunday, April 3, 2011

5 reasons why I do buy the iPad2

Yes, I love the iPad. Do not make the case (or if) the previous post and now is the time to assess the 5 same points but from another point of view. After each draw their own conclusions, but in my case just say that I have the iPad2 and manager and is going to fulfill my expectations completely.

1. It is a product latest technological. Many say they do not know what they use but that phrase is forgotten within 10 minutes of using one. Has endless possibilities, from gadget to play, see post or write a document ... to work as a means of not having to carry heavy laptops to display a single image or a document. In addition, applications are being launched for the iPad in the field of medicine, education, hospitality ... the iPad2 is the present and the future and certainly the perfect gadget to take with you every day. I like technology and is the most iPad2 leader in this field.

2. I have an iPhone, So that I can use the same rate for iPad2 3G and benefit from the connection and give a more distributed to both teams. The iPhone for what it was designed to make phone calls, listen to music (iPod mode) ... and small applications that can be consulted at any given time. The iPad will be our agenda, our manager of documents, images and applications that require a better view. Both complement do not overlap at any time.

3. Why do I want USB? We live in 2011, some 25 years ago invented the floppy and now nobody made missing. We have to evolve and we all know that the future lies in the cloud, because we are the first to use it! Avoid hardware problems, USB own problems, having to have a second device with us ... It has no USB, but if Apple sells a connector to read SD cards photo, so this is not an absolute abandonment, except that this device is not designed for that.

4. There are thousands and million applications in iOs, but that's not the most important. The best is what is coming. Taking into account the short time he has iOS running and the supposed "Fusion" of Mac OS and IOS in the future, this leads us to believe that this will be the form and method for downloading and have applications in our team. iOs developers are releasing products so new and spectacular MacOs users envy. The AppStore is the biggest application platform when compared with Android, Symbian ... so I do not doubt that there will find everything you can find, some pay, some at a nominal price and many (most ) free.

5. The design is perfect. Has a size that is not as small as the iPhone or as big as a MacBook. The large screen and its use allows us to view documents and images as if we were to read a newspaper or flip through a book. Furthermore, its weight is very light so it is easy to transport. We forget about lugging around a laptop, the network adapter, sleeve ... and change all that for a device as thin as a mobile phone and only 10. " Other tablets in the market are similar but they all have higher weights, so almost no longer "tablets" and become a laptop in one piece. No doubt the weight and mobility is of the same things I like and why I say yes to iPad2.
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