Sunday, March 20, 2011

Internet Explorer 10 accompany Windows 8

It's a rumor with some substance and coherence. Microsoft has just released version 9 of Internet Explorer and as usual after a launch, and you think the next evolution of the product. By logic and because it looks like it version 8 operating system may advance the launch date, See also the plans of the competition, in Redmond may have that intention.

The information comes from Win7China, Which has also filtering some of the first eight screenshots "Legitimate" Windows 8, so the rumor may be granted some credence, have shown that his sources are solid. IE10 also assert that already in Windows 8 M3, but this point has not been checked against other sources.

It also appears that version 10 of Internet Explorer would be destined for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Are there Vista hook? Another argument to give credence to this information is that there would be time to match the two releases, just over a year so that IE10 was mature enough to reach the consumer. News of this nature must be taken with healthy skepticism, we must be attentive.
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