Saturday, March 26, 2011

It came time to the truth, Firefox 4 vs Google Chrome

No doubt Firefox 4 has signified a major milestone in the history of the Web browser by adding new features and improvements, but Is it enough to compete with the current Google Chrome?

  • User Interface: At this point I must say that Firefox also has opted for minimalism Chrome tax since its inception, a trend that also continued to Opera and Internet Explorer (in fact I find it more like Opera), however under section adapting the unique menu of Firefox is not enough and often forced to return to the previous menu.
  • Speed: As we know the engines are implemented in two different browsers but WebKit is considered the best for now, Gecko has greatly improved to the point of minimum notice a difference in many cases. On the other hand hardware acceleration support is a point where Firefox took advantage as it applies to all platforms Chrome unlike where this feature is for Windows and disabled by default.
  • Web Support: Firefox from the beginning has supported Web standards and not surprisingly, both support HTML5 and CSS 3 have improved, any more than is the inclusion of WebGL support for 3D animations. In the Acid 3 test has significantly improved scoring a 94/100 score, pretty good, but is yet to reach 100% of compatibility achieved thanks to WebKit primarily Chrome.
  • Features: Among the features mentioned include the incorporation of Sync, although point out as impractical compared to the timing that offers Chrome, Otherwise not much was said about other good features like the new design of the Manager, the ability to set Web applications in the tab bar, or "landscape" to manage multiple tabs.
On the side of the shortcomings or weaknesses of Firefox mentioned the poor implementation of Sync we mentioned, as well as the lack of a system of separate processes for each tab and plugin available as of Chrome, which has proved vital to the stability of this browser and it will surely come in future versions of the red panda.

Finally designated as verdict Firefox4 became a worthy competitor and we can now envision a better future to change the development cycle to 16 weeks and indeed I believe the version 3.X had been enough back and waiting for the new version was eternal, however here is The new Firefox ready for action.

Anyway this is one of many analysis and opinions that are emerging and as always, are subject to "some" subjectivity, in fact skip several things for which Firefox is really worth ,Beyond a tour of the Web, talk about tools, development, and greater freedom, among other things.

That's why I invite you to share your thoughts, I am sure many of you have already tested this new version and may even have been placed face to face with these two titans of navigation What have been your impressions so far? Have you managed to fully enter the race Firefox browser with this new version and its new upgrade cycle?
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