Saturday, March 26, 2011

Displex, Compiz from the notification area

A time ago I told them about compiz, How to install and its useful extensions ...

... Anyway, There used to get fusion icon from the notification area to Compiz options. And still there, but we made small to such new option under our control. Among them, little by little the notification area disappears and is giving way to the Applet miniindicadores, making the former is obsolete.

So we have a good alternative called Displex. To install, go to their official site and download the installer from here.

You can access it from Applications/System Tools/Displex:

In general it has options like Fusion Icon, with new details added: display, integration with other software companies (Acer is an example), but all with the same ease of access you have Fusion Icon. And if you delete the applet Indicators (as was my case) do not worry, we pass directly to the Notification area

If you use Compiz and raisins steadily between activate and deactivate the effects, this extension you will like.
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