Friday, March 11, 2011

The Compiz cube in danger of extinction

The famous desktop cube made us hallucinate many more than ever in video and pictures before entering the Linux world, probably gone forever.

And with the arrival of GNOME 3 and its new manager Mutter ,Compiz was beginning to get out of the next Linux desktops ,at least that would use GNOME Shell. But Canonical incorporates the development of Compiz for distribution to integrate it into in Unity, which brought the powerful window manager back to the game.

But as we have shown in the aforementioned article, one of the plugins Most Popular and striking the manager, Cube Desktop, no longer be enabled on Ubuntu 11.04 and probably never will, Since this "error", it was only marked as an opinion and its use as a bad idea in Unity.

Yes, I know, for all practical purposes, the use of Compiz cube is irrelevant at this stage of the game, to say the least, but hey, it was all pride and eventually, was a sign that the revolution had come to Linux graphics.

In short, the future of this viral cube, an accomplice of income for many new users to Linux, Canonical is left, that being honest, not many practical reasons to maintain this performance in Unity. Anyway, I hope to be given a new opportunity to the hub or otherwise would be the farewell of a dramatic impact that undoubtedly marked an era.

I will forgive KDE users do not allude to the cube of Kwin, but the Compiz cube was the subject of many viral videos that swarmed on the principle of using 3D effects in Linux, has a certain historical sense more than anything. Indeed, in KDE you can still use this effect without problems .
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