Sunday, February 27, 2011

openSUSE 11.4 RC2 available

And While little is to appear at last the final version of openSUSE 11.4, and one of the final steps is release of openSUSE 11.4 Release Candidate 2, The last of the drafts that await us in this development cycle.

No major new features in this version, of course, but what there are bug fixes, according to official announcement there are 132 current conflicts ,So that as they say "every time there are fewer problems".

For example, WiFi connectivity is improved and also support WiFi chipsets, but there are a number of improvements wing pair stability and performance.

Apparently there is another important feature: the backend called MediaCurl supporting zsync that is added to libzypp and that makes such a user listed in the official announcement declared that the installation of software is like a flash.

There are also some improvements in LibreOffice (but still problems in some areas, such as loss of data in tables in certain scenarios), and KDE SC 4.6 works perfectly especially in the version for 64-bit platforms.

Now you can Download openSUSE 11.4 RC2 ,And also see the details in that official announcement ,Or consult the more annoying bugs in the list published on the subject.
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