Thursday, December 9, 2010

When we GIMP 2.8 [Updated]

Long time no talk about GIMP, a famous project of the Open Source landscape, but may soon do so more often. If the forecasts are true, GIMP 2.8 Release Candidate should be with us in a very short time. Of course, the final version will not arrive until 2011, no exact date.

For now that's what the developers have promised us for months, and various news do you really think everything seems to be on track. In several forums and fan sites of this application and are available much of the data that allow us to make sense of what we expect from GIMP 2.8.

The best of these articles is probably the, where we speak of no less than 28 improvements that await us in GIMP 2.8 and are led by a development that many expected as rain in May: the presence of a window mode only to control the application interface.

The current interface will continue, so we can choose between either, but apart from this change there will be many others that affect all types of sections of this fantastic development for image processing.

Another good article with many of ScottLinux catch is this, which also indicates how we have access to preliminary versions and can be found in distros like Ubuntu precompiled with the famous PPA repos. In particular,the access to the latest versions (2.7.3-20101105, the 5th of November).

Update: It seems that this post has become one of the leading developers of GIMP, which says that unfortunately seems to not have RC in December
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