Friday, December 24, 2010

Ubuntu 11.04 and the audio menu

The latest version of Ubuntu, and came with significant improvements in the audio menu, which as you know no one can control the system volume, but also gives access to control the current playback (Also showing the cover and track information) if we use a player that supports this feature.

The technology behind this function is called MPRIS or Media Player Remote Interfacing Specification. This D-Bus interface allows us to offer an API with which to add remote control functions for multimedia players, and is already available the second version of this interface, called, of course, MPRIS2 (or MPRIS 2.0).

The interesting thing about this second specification is the fact that we will be able to access controls on a bunch of player applications, but Internet services also are compatible with this technology. For example, Spotify, which still does not have a native client "complete" in Linux but many users still use their premium accounts (for native version) And through WINE (for Spotify free version).

One of the managers of that MPRIS2 integration in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal now how this development has is booming ,and how you can start testing the work done so far available through the project in LaunchPad.

In my opinion the best audio menu of Ubuntu 10.04 was possibly the most important interface of the system: not having to jump over and over again to the player, whatever, is really comfortable, so I think it's great to continue working in this area to further enhance support for new players and Internet audio services.
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