Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Linux Mint Debian 201012, available

The developers of Linux Mint announced some time out of a specific edition of Linux Mint based on Debian but something that combines the advantages of both distributions and gave a perfect performance for many users.

Linux Mint 10 'Julia' appeared a month and a half, And now she does Debian-based editing (and in particular, Debian Testing), called Linux Mint Debian 201012 (Year and month out), a distro that has the following characteristics:

  • All features of Linux Mint 10
  • Support 64 bit
  • Performance improvements (eg through enhanced interactivity patch)
  • Installer improvements (multiple hard drives, install grub in partitions, support Btrfs)
  • Best fonts and language support
  • Improved connectivity and hardware support
  • Better sound support
  • Software and Packages updated
Now you can download the distribution in the version of 32 bits and 64 bits ,And enjoy to the fullest. So you know, to enjoy LMDE!
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