Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Convert mp3 to ogg and vice versa on Linux

First of all let me say that conversions from mp3 to ogg or from ogg to mp3 always generate loss of sound quality, most of the time will be imperceptible to the human ear but are warned.

In general there are 2 ways to convert a single file if you want to convert it then it is easier to convert the audio file from the console, so:

Convert Mp3 to ogg
  • mp32ogg –quality=10 –delete –rename=%t /home/Musiques/file.mp3
For this we will have to have the package called mp32ogg (search repositories)

Convert Ogg to mp3
  • ogg123 -d wav -f – file.ogg | lame – file.mp3
We will have to install the packages ogg123 and lame


Now, if the idea is to convert many files the best and fastest is to make using the program soundconverter. This program must be assembled together packages and lame vorbis-tools to work well. It is a simple interface where you simply look for input files and then click "Convert ". All preferences as the output format, quality, etc, are set Edit->Preferences

I hope you learn this info
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