Friday, November 12, 2010

New version of Firefox 4, beta 7

Mozilla has just released a new development version of Firefox 4, namely beta 7, which includes many improvements over previous betas

New features :
  • Jaegermonkey: New JavaScript engine, already used in the latest beta of Firefox Mobile. With superior performance V8 on Google and Nitro Safari in most cases.
  • Windows Hardware Acceleration: changed from Direct9 to Direct10 where working (Windows Vista or higher). In addition, activated Direct2D to further improve the rendering of pages. You can check on the page about: support in the graphics section. (If disabled, for example, put 0/1 in the latter, may be due to your drivers for video card are outdated and are marked as faulty by Mozilla, so you have to update to the latest version from page of your card, we will talk more about that in later entries ).
  • Hardware acceleration on Mac, using OpenGL, which helps greatly in the speed
  • Removed the status bar, replacing it with the bar-ons and hidden by default, so now when you hover over a link, the page that we go instead of being shown in the bar shows in the address bar.
  • Improved rendering of OpenType fonts, which allows the use of kerning, ligatures and variants.
  • HTML5 forms, with validation (without JavaScript!)

These are the general characteristics of this new beta. Also, start writing a series of articles to be getting ready to be individual changes between Firefox 3.6 (current stable version) and Firefox 4, which "will be released when ready."

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the beta download on this page

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