Friday, November 19, 2010

Automatically Mounting Windows Partitions in Ubuntu

As I had said, I am using 2 partitions. I hope one out of my medical examination to give up my plan of world conquest to include free software applications on other systems. In the meantime, the Windows partition will continue gathering dust.

And I taught read Linux partitions in Windows. But the reverse? It's simple, find it on the system partition or / media. But if we make this easier, you can install ntfs config, that will automatically mount on your desktop. This way you can quickly access your partitions without having to look.

To do this, open a terminal and type
  • sudo apt-get install ntfs-config hal
You can access it from System/Administration/NTFS Configuration Tool. The first thing will be a list of partitions, you have to choose to automatically assemble or not. Then, a box like this:

Where you can give permissions to your partitions to edit, add and remove items. Once this is done will appear on your desktop.

Simple, right?
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