Friday, November 19, 2010

GNOME 2.32.1: The latest GNOME version before 3 ?

The GNOME development team has released GNOME 2.32.1 ,The latest version of the desktop environment for Linux and is also the first update to the series GNOME 2.32 that appeared a few weeks ago.

According to Luca Ferretti GNOME developer, the latest stable version includes some bug fixes, improved translation and minor updates to some of the GNOME packages, As instant messaging application Empathy and Evolution email client.

Ferretti explained that this version could become the latest version of GNOME 2.x published as a major version (major), as it is expected that GNOME 3.0 arrives next spring And want to focus to stop that development.

In fact, there is nothing scheduled in versions 2.32.x of GNOME program, This fact makes us think that All efforts will be directed to the expected GNOME 3.0.

Can More details on this version in the announcement version in addition to the news file for platform and Desktop. And if you want, you can now download the source code from the official website of the project.
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