Friday, November 5, 2010

Chrome Toolbox, add new functionality to Google Chrome

Chrome Toolbox is an extension released by Google itself, which adds a few interesting improvements to Chrome. The list of features is as follows:
  • Click any image in the browser, we setearla as wallpaper, and view it in original size.
  • Drag any video (Flash or HTML5) to view in another window, and when it closes back to its original window.
  • Configure the behavior of the tabs, to close the tab with a double click, open a tab after closing the last, and always open links in same window.
  • Save and restore information is not sent in forms, especially for when crasheo browser.
  • A keyboard shortcut to open certain URLs that we define.
  • Learn shortcuts and compare with other browsers.
  • Locate the favorite features of Chrome in a dropdown menu to have them always at hand.
  • Define a "boss key" so when we found our leader doing things we should not :P.
  • Mute all tabs.
Definitely c is a real toolbox that can improve our user experience with this browser. To take this into account!

Link: Chrome Toolbox
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