Friday, October 15, 2010

VirtualBox 3.2.10 has been released

Oracle has released a new update to its VirtualBox virtual machine, the 3.2.10.

This is a vesion with updates and maintenance of which was launched last August in 3.2.8.

We have corrected a lot of existing bugs, so that this version is more stable than before.

One of the important things in this new version is support for the newly released Ubuntu 10.10 and for the next release of Fedora 14 in November.

This is part of the changes that come with version 3.2.10:

Corrections in the virtual machine manager (VMM):
  • Correction V8086 way for guests of DOS/Windows legacy with EMM386.
  • Correction of a meditation on Guru connected to large pages.
  • Correction support for large pages on Linux hosts.
  • Correction of a Guru meditation for 64-bit guests great memory in 32-bit hosts nested paging.
  • Performance enhancements for virtual machines with more than 2 GB of RAM.
Corrections GUI:
  • Correction key management host if the host key is set to Left Alt - only hots for Linux/Solaris.
  • VM can be minimized by the mini toolbar.
  • Correctly handle Ctrl + Break on X11 hosts.
  • Correction of the case where the user canceled the media selector to select the boot disk from the VM wizard.
  • Adding a check for the Linux kernels 2.6.36 or later, which are known to have the failure of I/O asynchronous ext4 file systems / xfs corrected - only for Linux hosts.
Linux specific:
  • Corrections Linux kernel 2.6.36.
  • Corrections DKMS (Dynamic Module Support Kernel Module)
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