Saturday, October 9, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta, available for Android and Maemo

Mozilla has made available to those who want to download Beta version of Firefox 4 for Android, and Maemo phones.

It is built on same platform as desktop version, but optimized for browsing from a mobile phone.

Mobile Firefox 4 beta, brings many of desktop features, such as Firefox Sync, the complement and the bar.

Perhaps the aspect that have worked for this version was to increase the performance and responsiveness, making changes to the architecture as electrolysis and layers.

This beta improves overall performance, especially with regard to the areas of graphics, such as scroll, zoom and animation.

With Firefox Sync function, you can take your phone all your content from the desktop Firefox, browsing history, tabs, bookmarks, passwords, etc ..., all under strict data encryption, which only you can access.

With Firefox 4 beta, you use the latest web technologies like HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript.

Get the download from HERE

In the following video, you know the Firefox Mobile team and see the demo.
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