Friday, September 3, 2010

5 ways to download YouTube videos on Linux

There are many, many ways to download videos from youtube. Via web, via program, browser plugins, etc etc. Today we see how to download videos from youtube but with options we have from linux.


Pytube is a small (582kb) program which gives us many possibilities for working with videos Youtube.The main display is fortunately very easy to understand and use. It has five options that have been identified:
  1. Quick Download: A text box where we can put URL for video if we know, this option is ideal for those occasions when we are watching a video and want to download. Just put http address to us from YouTube.
  2. Search : We do not know how to find a video on ... Well it's great full to meet that goal.
  3. Download Videos: Just that ... download videos you've found with search, with possibility of creating lists of URLs to download our videos groups.
  4. Encode Videos: This is very important because it allows us to convert native format video Youtube (flv) in any of following: OGM, AVI, MPG, MP3, MP4, 3GP
  5. Multimedia Tools: Here you will find other innovative features, you can edit videos, cut certain sections, hit sounds, and even create ringtones or 30-second ringtone for your mobile.


There had to be an option to download YouTube videos from console of course. It's youtube-dl application. It is installed by a

  • sudo apt-get install youtube-dl
And to use just open console and write
  • youtube-dl
Easy right? Flv file is downloaded into folders that are placed on console, almost always HOME.


Is another program to download videos from easy to use and has many options as convert video to other formats, download only audio, video resizing. To download click here to ubuntu. For other distros packages found here. Utube You have a program in gtk and qt for those using KDE.


Another application with which we can download videos with just copying address of video in a box. This program brings installer for Ubuntu, windows and a tar.gz for other distros. Installers can be downloaded from here. The application has option to download them into other formats and not just flv.

Without any application

That is method I use and I find it more comfortable to me. They do so: open page of video, expect to be fully loaded (this is important!) Now with nautilus, thunar, dolphin or whatever file browser they use, go to folder /tmp. Alli will see some files with strange names like "FlashAvhMRY" all these are videos. Just copy and paste them into your home folder. And rename them with some meaningful name like video1.flv and that's it

This method seems to me better because it only serves to youtube but for any site that has flash videos.

Choose method that is most comfortable for them to download YouTube videos
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