Friday, September 24, 2010

Tip: How to rip an audio CD with Rhythmbox

For users of Gnome desktop environment, extract tracks from an audio CD is a task as simple as inserting disc into drive and open "Audio CD Extractor." But for those who like to have "one", then we will see how to extract tracks from an audio CD using Rhythmbox, default audio player for Gnome.

Here's how to rip an audio CD with Rhythmbox:
  • First, insert audio CD in question in reader of CDs or DVDs of our team.
  • Automatically, the system prompts you to choose an application to run with CD. We chose "Open Rhythmbox.
  • Once opened Rhythmbox in left pane, under "Devices", we right-click on name of audio CD and choose option "Extract to music library"

  • Once this starts extraction process, whose progress can be seen in bottom right of status bar of Rhythmbox.
  • We hope to complete process and go! As simple as that.
Rhythmbox stores extracted files in folder "music". To open it go to menu "Places -> Music." You will notice also that Rhythmbox default rip format. Ogg. To change default format when using Rhythmbox to extract audio tracks from a CD, go to menu "Edit -> Preferences." Once there, go to tab "Music", where drop-down "format of choice", we can select format you want.

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