Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mozilla launches project for online gaming

Every darling among fans of technology because of its Firefox browser, Mozilla announced this weeklaunch of Mozilla Labs Gaming division wishing to enter online gaming industry - niche that became popular thanks to Facebook and social games that soon should earn distinguished presence of Google and EA, for example.

On its website, the foundation invites all its broad base of developers to engage in this new issue and "help establish the Open Web Framework and Firefox as gaming platforms." Among technologies available for creating titles are Open Video, Open Audio, WebGL and JavaScript, and supports touch screens and geolocation.

The first initiative to give impetus to his new project is competition in 2010 Game On, an "international competition open to all developers interested in creating incredible games using our technologies," according to post announcing news.

Also won Game On blog, following a tradition that already seen in other projects of Society of Friends of fox has a logo to go there bacanudo.
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