Monday, September 20, 2010

Mageia, a fork of Mandriva

though Mandriva has been for me a rather unknown distro, I was reading and it seemed very important to announce new fork they have created.

It is always sad to think that for whatever reason, a Linux distro has an uncertain future.

This is what has prompted Mandriva members to create mageia, but it was not a decision lightly, but well thought out and discussed by staff, contributors Cooker and user communities.

After all ratings, born mageia, which does not belong to any company, but will form part of a community nonprofit, which will form a board with members of community.

These are some of plans and ideas that are at moment, but completely open to any idea that you can contribute:
  • To Linux and free software applications accessible to all
  • Maintain a high level of integration between base system, the desktop (KDE/GNOME) and applications, improving especially integration of third party (whether free or proprietary applications)
  • Aim at new architectures and formats
  • Improving our understanding of users' computers and electronic devices
As mageia community will consist of users or companies, fact is that anyone who knows about subject and is a lover of free software available to colabrorar as far as I can.

There will be designers, packagers, developers, translators, etc ...

For next few days what they need is:
  • Hardware to host code, build servers and datacenters to host these servers
  • Developers, contributors, translators and testers to develop mageia
  • Counsel and advocates for building organization and its processes, etc..
If you are interested in any of fields you can contact them on mailing lists.

Also visit project page if you prefer contact via IRC.
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