Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Installing HP Printers in Linux

everyone have a growing need: to have a tutorial on an alternative to classic cups and is available by default in Ubuntu. It certainly saves a lot of time, but more of a problem we can generate, because these drivers are outdated.

In case of HP, we can install your printer via cups. But in my case, I have a HP D1660, I had problems from outset to properly activate these drivers. Just did not want to print properly.

So, looking and looking, I learned two things:
  • The close relationship of HP with Linux, which has saved millions of dollars, on one hand and investing in alternatives to conventional solutions that exist for Windows, on other
  • The solution available for Linux as far as concerns Printer drivers, called HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging and Printing). In this way, we can access constantly updated drivers for linux and functional.

The installation steps are detailed below:
Step 1: Download HPLIP driver base

The first thing to do is download installer from set of drivers needed to enable compatibility between printer and Linux distribution available.

To do this, go to her website. Once there, select Download HPLIP, and will lead to a wizard that will request data about its Linux distribution, data from printer and model:

Select Next, and ask you to confirm data. When ready, select Next, and lower installer. Run that weighs about 20 megs:

Once downloaded, and through terminal, navigate to folder where file is downloaded. then writes:

  • sh hplip version?n that you have.Run
And begin to review what you downloaded. Once ready, you will be asked to choose type of installation you want to make (automatic or custom):

Once selected, you will be asked to confirm what distribution you are using:

After that, begin to check connection to Internet:

And start downloading and compiling a series of files. This process will take a lot of time not less. When you have everything ready, you will be prompted to connect USB printer to computer and turn it on. If you had put before you restart PC or remove and relocate port. I preferred to remove and put back port:

Once ready, it will open Setup Assistant, HP. He will ask you to choose how to connect your printer:

Select Next, and select printer model you're connected:

Then add the data to printer, the driver needed. Once finished, select Finish, and go .

We also have printer driver installed, a print wizard that adds a number of options, all configurable.

Among problems I have encountered driver, is that I have problems when you print in economy mode. Paper jams, for reasons still not understood. If they happened and know a solution, I appreciate that comment.

Now my friends, here is tutorial. I hope you learn. Many greetings.
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