Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fedora 14 will use Upstart instead of systemdir

If one of important news of release of Fedora 14 Alpha, had been beginning to use Upstart instead of systemd as session manager, today we finally heard that Fedora 14 will not.

One of great benefits of systemdir to launch system, was possibility of offering a faster boot.

The Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCO), in a discussion through IRC, took decision not to include it, due to problems encountered during recent test day systemd.

The main driver of systemdir, Lennart Poettering, who did not participate in discussion, it was not too pleased with decision, inter alia, because it has apparently already been solved many of mistakes that were discovered during test day.

Although systemdir not be included in final version of Fedora 14 will be released in November, is expected to continue qualifying for incorporating possible errors in Fedora 15.

Anyway, even if not by default in Fedora 14, systemdir still available to install from repositories.

This was possible in early development of Fedora 14, when it was new and Upstart systemd still used by default.
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