Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is this end of status bar in Firefox 4 ?

The development of next version of Firefox continues with full force and it is not uncommon to see news about browser popping up weekly. This time it is a change in user interface application that may leave some users start using confusing. The Mozilla Foundation has chosen to change display of links in status bar of all, to say basics.

For first time in history of browser - if I remember correctly, how links are displayed will change. You know when you pass mouse cursor over a clickable item and appears below page where click will take you? Well then, now that address appears in address bar itself, near directions of tabs.

Rather than explain, see in image:

Mozilla has worked well in this feature, it is nice to see it in operation. Furthermore, the area chosen for new way to display page that opens is not so lacking today in monitors - hence screen resolutions - are greater than ever.

The question is whether change will be retained in final version of Firefox 4.

With information: Downloadsquad.
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