Sunday, August 15, 2010

Synchronization Troubleshooting Rhythmbox - iPhone or iPod

Recently Rhythmbox is music player and multimedia in general better known and used in Ubuntu. But many people buy an iPhone or an iPod of any kind with eyes closed without measuring their level of compatibility with any operating system and just when we synchronize our music and our videos to Rhythmbox appears problem of synchronization. Ubuntu does not have an official version of iTunes, software that synchronizes excellence our iPods, iPhone, or very IPAD.

Here a solution that can be played normally Rhythmbox music sync - iPhone or iPod:
  1. Go to Places> User (Home) and press it Ctrl + H
  2. Find folder .gconf
  3. In the folder .gconf navigate Apps> Rhythmbox> State> iPod
  4. Delete the file %gconf.xml that is in folder iPod
  5. Restart Rhythmbox and ready, you can
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