Thursday, August 12, 2010

KDE 4.5 released

The KDE development team has submitted its launch six months, bringing new versions of Plasma Desktop, Netbook workspaces, and a large number of applications available in version 4.5.0.

One of them is support for
KDE webkit browser Konqueror.

The development team has focused on this version in stability and integrity of desktop experience.

More than 16,000 errors were corrected and result is a system that feels faster and more reliable.

Plasma brings a new reporting system and is designed to support workflow in best visually amazing condiciones. uncolored, more in line now with aerial of notification.

The Konqueror web browser can now use WebKit engine to render its content.

The KDE Development Platform is now offering a new generic caching for applications that require high-speed access to information such as icons.

The new KSharedDataCache, speeds up loading of many components, while new HTTP scheduler is optimized for concurrent access to web servers, and makes page load in Konqueror and other parts using KIO HTTP mechanism faster .

Today was launch of first in series 4.5, which will be updated monthly, focusing on fixing bugs.

It is assumed that package will be made available by operating system vendor, but have released a live CD for those who can not wait.

It is also available to build from source.
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