Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where to download images. VDI to use in Virtualbox

Virtualbox is perhaps most famous existing virtualization software.

Thanks to him, you can try operating systems within your own system, for example, people who use Windows and have virtualized a Linux distro. Or vice versa.

To install an operating system you can download an image virtualbox. Iso and burn to a CD or DVD or you can be. Iso saved, but perhaps one of best ways is to have an image. VDI.
There are many places where you can go to download one you are interested.

One of these sites is, there you have images. VDI of many systems.

You can also visit or to download them.

Once you locate file, you save it to your computer and then open your Virtualbox.

The first is "Add a new virtual machine" as you normally would, but in next step when you come to "virtual hard drive, you must select" existing "and open virtual hard disk manager Virtualbox.

At this point, you add file. VDI that you downloaded.

Now you can start your newly created virtual machine and you have your operating system already installed.

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