Friday, August 6, 2010

Google surrenders with Wave

Google has announced on his blog, which will paralyze development of Wave.

Platform, presented last year in the I/O, which at first was at express invitation, has not proved how Google expected.

Perhaps too ambitious for time they appeared and too complicated for what users were accustomed.

Just as Buzz, Google also, it looked to stagnate and has followed a line up of users and usage, Wave initially looked like it would be something really important and became snake biting its tail.

Users will soon adapt and many stopped using it, and by failing to many users, few that still used it, I parked too.

There will be something sudden closure of Wave, Google plans to work until end of this year.

Google Wave, an application for communication and collaboration in real time, with ability to arrasatrar and drop files from desktop, was applauded in presentation as something really innovative, but was out of time.And for when user was ready , say I had a lot more tasty options.

All central art of code and protocols are open source so that other developers can use.

And this is how Google says goodbye to Wave, proud of development team and looking for new projects to come.
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