Thursday, August 26, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta 4 with synchronization preferences and tabs

The Mozilla Foundation staff continue working hard in order to meet launch schedule of next version of Firefox. Today was released over a Beta version of browser - fourth so far - with confirmation of news very interesting. Especially for those who do not use Chrome, which already has most of them.

Among novelties, a new way to synchronize adjustments made in browser. If you want to have same settings of Firefox on your home computer, work on desktop and laptop that carries to class, this extension can be killer. Developed by Firefox team, it offers synchronization with a first-line security.

That is, all bookmarks, browsing history, the configuration of address bar, as well as usernames and password, everything will be synchronized among various devices. Anywhere, Firefox will have same face and same resources. Even same tabs that were open.

To use Firefox Sync will require, at least for now, install a separate plugin.

Already Tab Candy, a different way of organizing tabs allow to group them by task to be performed or subject of tab, finally got a final name: Panorama. This means that Firefox is about to be launched in April, because its most interesting features are already baptized with final name.

The performance of this beta, only one thing to say, slow. He even hangs my computer.
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