Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Install Opera 10.6 Beta in Ubuntu

Opera 10.6 is now my default browser, at least until comes out flock 3.0. It's as or faster to load pages that chromium and what I liked most is that it has built-in mail client (thunderbird goodbye and claws), feed reader, irc client and a comprehensive contact manager.

Actually installing Opera
10.6 is very simple but I make this post just to know him and try an alternative. Still in beta and there is an occasional bug but nothing serious nor very noticeable.

to install Opera in Ubuntu what they should do is go to this page 

and click on the button dowload opera. After going to ask that disctro have, obviously choose to Ubuntu and Debian Package to choose to download them one. Deb easy to install. Then if they have downloaded give double click and go.

In Arch is easier because it is in AUR repository. They should only be done

  • yaourt -S opera-beta
main features of this version must be said that has support for HTML5 and geolocation.
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