Thursday, June 3, 2010

Install and Configure samba with gui interface With Pictures

Samba: primary purpose of which is work of a partnership between devices that are running Linux and devices that Windows operating systems
Today I am setting Samba server on Ubuntu 10.04, through graphical interface and is easy and simple
The first way:
sudo apt-get install samba samba-common-bin system-config-samba smbfs smbclient

After installation go to following list:
System> Administration> Samba
Will show us and graphical interface

To add a folder to share, put pressure on + button

Through this window we choose path of folder you want to share, and his name on network, with a description
You can also make it writeable by selecting box next to Writable
You can show or hide folder through Visible
Proceed to tongue following:

You can through this window select users (who can access and participation), and you can make them public participation so that everyone can access, and through identification allow access evreyone

For more options, go to the list:
Preferences> Server Settings
You can specify settings such as public Samba server workgroup server described in general working group is default Windows workgroup
In the tongue, you can specify the following Security Server protection

We can through this interface to add users to Custodian of Samba, so go through list:
Preferences> Samba Users
You can get more information by clicking on Help button in program
The second way:
It is an easy and very simple, but limited options
You can press right button on any folder you want to share, then select Sharing Options
If you do not appear in list you need to install addition to Nautilus file manager
sudo apt-get nautilus-share

If you were not has been installed packages for Samba server will ask you to install some packages, and agreed to by
Show us following list
Select which thing you want and press button Create Share

In order not to encounter any problems you have to open ports in firewall ufw
Through graphical interface of firewall Gufw, put pressure on Add button and add following:

The result will be as in picture
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