How to Change appearance in Kupfer

Kupfer is a similar application launcher Gnome-Do, which we have spoken on this blog, the application is in repositories of Lucid Lynx, so to install you just have to look at Center for Software or typing in a terminal

sudo apt-get install kupfer

Once installed you find it in Applications-> Accessories , the application is minimized in system tray and we invoke Ctrl + Spacebar.

The point is this

We can change appearance slightly, so that for example look in keeping with theme that we installed, we must do following:

Alt + F2 type in

In dialog box that opens enter following

gksu gedit /usr/share/kupfer/kupfer/ui/

In file that opens look for following line: selectedc =[gtk.STATE_SELECTED]
and replace it with this selectedc =[gtk.STATE_ACTIVE]

Kupfer Now we will see how active your gtk theme

Kupfer Change appearance

You can also remove border of window in same file as above edit after this line


We add these two


It will look like


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