Sunday, June 27, 2010

The end of life Fedora 11

From day June 25, Fedora 11 has reached end of his life in terms of updates.

As planned, the latest occurred prior to that date, finishing exactly on 24th at 11:00 h UTC.

According to Fedora maintenance program, each version ends when a month has passed since release two versions forward.

In this way, Fedora 12 will be updated within one month following final launch of Fedora 14 Fedora 13 a month to appear fedora 15.

Many things are changing in world of Fedora, as I come from reading in recent weeks.

If a distribution, as some think, more complicated to handle, has become a style distro Ubuntu, completely manageable for novice user.

I do not know if Fedora veteran users will like what they comment on who will replace Fedora to Ubuntu.

For normal, usually reply that Fedora does not have to replace anything that Fedora is Fedora not have to resemble nada.Pero this is comment I read growing at least in my social networks, apart from some other item.

Either way, what is there is no doubt that it is today a distribution completely "usable", even if you come from Windows to Linux for first time.

Overall, I think that users of any Linux distros, we must be proud that they are all improving and that more and more people switch to Linux from other operating systems provinientes

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