Debian 6.0 " Squeeze " freeze in August?

Barrat dam, launch team of Debian project announced so that all developers are hoping to finish integrating changes caused by the distribution upgrade to Python 2.6. Once that happens it is planned to eventually freeze development of Debian 6.0 "Squeeze." Barrat estimated that freeze will happen at end of next August.

By then you should also completed migration of GLIBC to EGLIBC and distribution upgrade to GNOME 2.30 and KDE 4.4.3. Other changes would also be required to complete Startup intrusive production, your new home system version based on Ubuntu Upstart.

Once "Squeeze" is frozen, developers no longer add more new features and instead focus exclusively on correcting errors and improving system stability.

Given that normal period between freezing and final release can be at least 4 months, final version next Debian stable might arrive a little later this year, far from what was originally planned.

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