Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 lightweight audio player for Linux

It is clear that for me player is lighter MOC. And most lightweight graphical interface is MPD + Sonata. But there are options that require some configuration steps to run, however list of applications that will show you below are a thing to install and now all walk out.

All applications are going to show them Ubuntu repositories and can be installed with "sudo apt-get install". And if they use arch can install yaourt.

Of all probe is fastest start. It is programmed in Python and has no dependencies on Gnome so can be used very well in any environment. Is very fast but is still in development phase. And as you say on homepage. There are players that do everything, even coffee, bluemindo plays music, that's all.

Decibel Audio Player
IF you want a player that consumes little to work fast and that also has many extensions to play then this is your browser. The interface is simple and friendly. And Twitter can do things like issues that are listening. Last.fm support and more things that you should discover.

One of best known. Very light and with many features. Lyrics support, podcast, last.fm, covers and more.

The favorite of those who come from mocosoft windows because it is just like winamp. Supports skins. It is based on GTK2. Audacious is very mature and supports many audio formats. Audacious is a fork of BMP which itself was a fork of XMMS known that increasingly losing ground.

In all, most simple, does nothing more than play music and has no other functionality, no cover art, or lyrics, or last.fm ... nothing! One just selects items that will reproduce and reproduce. And obviously stands out by its most extreme lightness.

I hope list will be helpful and find what they want. If you want a player full of things that do not use ever read them a story at night and drink plenty of resources on your pc then always have option to use amaroK, Exaile and others.
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