Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lugaru game and three other games goes open-source

Has introduced wolfire way new advertising for games when it announced its campaign: "Push thing that you want" and get five games multi-platform are: World of Goo and Aquaria and Gish and Lugaru and Penumbra overture, where she works on Windows and Mac and Linux, as well as with option of contributing to associations charity of amount paid.
Within seven days company received more than 121.384 and amount of more than a million dollars, and on track company decided to extend show for three days, and promised to be four games are: Aquaria and Gish and Lugaru and Penumbra overture open source, has already started and made game Lugaru open source, You can access it from here : Lugaru goes open source .

If you like to participate and benefit from offer is still on.
You personally to participate and buy games at 14 dollars and make system Linux which I am working on new games more fun.
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