Friday, May 28, 2010

KDE SC 4.5 Beta1 Released

It has announced Beta release of first of what will be KDE 4.5. This release comes with major changes and will be working on stability of it, without mishap KDE 4.5 In end we will be premiering for month of August.

Features :

  • The notification area was reconstructed remains, providing a consistent look and interaction ensured at all applications and tools.
  • KWin-Tiling can automatically put the windows side by side, advanced graphics effects such as blur the background of translucent windows, offering a pleasant and useful experience.
  • If you prefer WebKit for rendering Web sites instead of currently used KHTML Konqueror, you can install the WebKit component. The WebKit component is available for Konqueror in KDE-Extragear repository, is based on the popular technology KPart components and fully integrated with the storage of passwords, content blocking and other features that users already know.
  • The purpose of this release cycle is the stability of the software delivered with SC KDE 4.5. While there are many exciting new features, developers have invested a considerable amount of time for finishing, polishing and has disabled the functions that are not usable.
Area notifications KDE 4.5 Beta1
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