Friday, May 21, 2010

Apple developed an alternative to platform Flash

The battle raging between Apple and Adobe have taken curve even more, while there are reports that Apple is preparing to develop and provide an alternative platform to platform Flash.

The Apple has made new technology called Gianduia within conference of World of WebObjects Developer. Is described as a technical Gianduia normative framework to provide rich applications on Internet.

The Apple Gianduia already been used in many applications such as Service One to One, reservation system to your iPhone. This step -is as seen by many- logical by Apple which has already announced its refusal to use "Flash" , also openly declared that it would support languages and standards of HTML5, and CSS as an alternative to Flash .

The Apple does not support "Flash" to any of Their own computers at all, which it sees as "a closed system," according to words of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, while affirming faith of company that all Web standards must be open .

It is worth noting that Adobe intends to file a complaint with the U.S. authorities against actions of Apple , which you bring charges against them because of its refusal to open its platform to technology and development tools for Foreign Affairs and forcing developers to use their technology and their own instruments.
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